C6 Corvette: Widebody Only Aero Package (2005-2013)



Tired of low quality “me-too!” copycat aero components for your C6 Corvette?

Well, so are we and we took it upon ourselves to take the OEM style ZR1 style aero pieces and add the Atomic 6 Carbon touch to them!

Available in both GM OEM Carbon Flash Metallic painted glass-fiber composite or REAL carbon fiber, we went the extra mile to make sure we’re re-setting the industry standard for quality, fit, and finish. (Inquire for additional paint and color options)

Unlike some of the other “flatly copied from OEM” pieces that are available everywhere, we took things a step further and improved on an already great design.

We started with adding a back-side flange, just like we did with our widely popular C7 ZO6 and Stingray side skirts, so you now have the option of installing with rivets OR simply using the OEM bolts under the car along with 3M extreme double sided tape.

Now you don’t have to drill holes in the car, if you’d prefer to keep her clean, and it also provides a much greater contact and mounting area, which means you have a much wider portion of the side skirt under the car that sits flush against the bottom. So, as the side skirts are pressed downward by air moving across the car, this cantilever effect provides greater rigidity, high speed stability, and allows for a much greater ease of installation against the bottom.

Next, we reshaped the front of the skirt so we could eliminate the randomness of the factory piece sticking out into the wheel well. This will allow for smoother airflow across the fender opening and more fender flare options.

When you pair them with our Rear Fender Spats, you’ve got a one-two punch that knocks the crowd out cold!

And lastly, we gave it the Atomic 6 Carbon treatment by making sure fitment is tight and exact!

And remember: ALL of Atomic 6 Carbon’s products are proudly Made In America, and always under their own roof, so you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to take a chance spending your hard earned dollars on parts made overseas!!

Wait, it’s Made In America, looks great, AND saves you some money?

Where do we sign up?!?!

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