C8 Corvette No-Drilling Required V3 Aero Package (V3.51 Splitter & V3.06 Side Skirts)



Is Atomic 6 Carbon on a roll, or what?!?!

We started by improving upon the strength of the cheap plastic OEM Z51 style front splitter, created a new, smoother finish, and made it available in both FRP Composite and 100% real carbon fiber (No fillers or fiberglass, folks). So, you get the same great shape, only with added strength, durability, and the mirror carbon flash metallic finish our C8’s should have had off the line in Bowling Green.

Once we nailed down the V3.51 front splitter improvements, we were inspired by the C7 Z06 in designing our our V3.06 side skirts to highlight everything we all know and love: hip-hugging shape, beveled and contoured edge, all with a clean, smooth finish you’ll enjoy for miles of smiles.

The best part?

You don’t have to drill a SINGLE hole in your C8 Corvette, because both the V3.51 front splitter and our V3.0 Side Skirts are direct bolt-ons, utilize existing bolts on the bottom of the car and some strategically applied 3M Extreme Double Sided adhesive for the side skirts (provided). That means you can remove them without permanent damage at any time. (though the 3M Adhesive is going to make you work for it!!)

And remember: ALL of Atomic 6 Carbon’s products are proudly Made In America, and always under their own roof, so you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to take a chance spending your hard earned dollars on parts made overseas!!

Wait, it’s Made In America, looks great, AND saves you some money?

Where do we sign up?!?!

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