C8 Z07 Style Wing Delete Blades (Outer Edge)



So, now that you’ve upgraded to a Z07 Style Wing For Your C8 Stingray Corvette, what are you going to do about those unsightly bumper-cover holes left behind by your Z51 or High Wing spoilers?

As always, Atomic 6 Carbon is on the job!

Our C8 Z07 Style Wing Delete Blades takes care of those holes lurking at the outer edge of the bumper cover with a quick, clean, and PERFECT upgrade that kills 2 birds with one stone.

With a quick peel, stick, and press: water and dirt stays out and we keep the lines of both the car and the Z07 Style Wing flowing smoothly.

As always, our goal is to leave people wondering “when did GM offer THIS?”, so you know the design, quality, and fitment is always sharp!

PLEASE NOTE: These are available for the outside holes only and we do not currently offer an option for the center holes, should you be interested in removing your wing completely without a replacement.

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Carbon Flash Metallic, Visible Carbon Fiber


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