C8 Front Grill Air Intake Trim



The devil, as they say, is in the details and it’s always the smallest mods that make the biggest splash!

Hey, we KNOW the Atomic 6 Carbon pinstripe upgrade looks UHmazing on our front splitter and side skirt lineup, but what if there’s a final touch that completes the look up front?

Maybe a small splash of color to pull that horizontal pin stripe up onto the actual front bumper/grill area to seal the deal?

Enter: the Front Air Intake Trim pin stripe upgrade.

We’ve taken the factory trim and turned the volume up to a 10 in order to close off what we affectionately refer to as “Dead Space” In the grill. The horizontal pin stripe breaks up the all-consuming air intake and rounds out the pin stripe upgrade by tying into the aero system.

What you’re left with is a system that seems both deliberate and complete, and THAT’S the little stuff that stands out. (on the street OR at a local car show: the devil in those details shines brightest!)

You can order yours and send your spares in for treatment or, if you’d like to save your stock components for when you set her back to boring… I mean normal… we can pick up a pair for you from our local GM parts supplier.

As always: it’s dealer’s choice.

Please note: Due to the custom nature of the painted pin stripe option, these are made to order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.


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